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Advocacy Tips

Why advocate? Our lawmakers work for us, so they need to know what we want them to do. They constantly hear from lobbyists for special interest groups that want lawmakers to keep their concerns in mind when making changes to the tax code, crafting the budget, and enacting public policy that impacts us all. Your patients and their families don’t have their own lobbyists, so they need citizen advocates to look out for their interests. Keep in mind, too, that decision-makers are not likely to have health or medical backgrounds, so they need to hear from people who do. They actually like to hear from their constituents. Pediatricians are trusted messengers about issues around the health and well-being of our state’s children.


Basic Information:


       speak up for kids at the ballot box. Download the toolkit here (pdf)

Tips for Advocating on Behalf of the Agenda for New Mexico's Children


New Mexico's children need your help! Children in the Land of Enchantment face greater barriers to

well-being than any other children in the nation. We're hoping to break down some of those barriers

with our Agenda for New Mexico's Children, which focuses on the most urgent needs of children and

families and includes 20 recommendations in 10 categories. We've created some resources that are

specific to the Agenda (although many of them will work on other advocacy areas) to help you advocate

for these policies.


Learning about Advocacy


The American Academy of Pediatrics has provided some short PowerPoint training modules that provide tips on various areas of advocacy:



Writing Letters to the Editor


One way to advocate on the issues that are important to you that can reach a fairly large audience - including decision-makers and opinion leaders - is to write a letter to the editor. All newspapers have different guidelines for letters (word length, submission format, etc.) but most prefer to print letters that relate to a news story or editorial they recently published. They also generally give preference to letters from people who live in their readership area.


Click on the links below to see letters requirements for several local newspapers:


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