Board & Leadership


Alex Cvijanovich, MD, FAAP



Vice President/President-Elect

Karen Armitage, MD, FAAP


Immediate Past-President:

Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP


Julia Hecht, MD, FAAP



Melissa Sanchez, MD, FAAP



Anjali Vijaya Subbaswamy, MD, FAAP

Jennifer Lynne Anderson, MD, FAAP

Francine Nadeen Jacobs, MD, FAAP

John Alan Leak, PA-C

Craig Wong, MD

Danielle Mascarenas, MD

Ashley Davis, DO


Committee Chairs:

Breastfeeding Task Force: Emilie Sebesta, MD, FAAP

CATCH Facilitators: Tom Faber, MD, FAAP, Carl Tapia, MD, FAAP

Continuing Medical Education: Karen Armitage, MD, FAAP

Disaster Preparedness: Robert Sapien, MD

Early Career Physicians: Page Pomo, MD

Early Childhood: Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Julia Hecht, MD, FAAP

Emeritus/Retired Physicians: Larry Shandler, MD

Fetus and Newborns: Janell Fuller, MD, FAAP

Foster Care and IHS: John Ratmeyer, MD, FAAP

Immunization: Melissa Mason, MD, FAAP

Legislative Affairs: Larry Shandler, MD, FAAP, and Karen Armitage, MD, FAAP

Membership: Alex Cvijanovich, MD, FAAP

Nominating: Sara del Campo de Gonzales, MD

Pediatric Council: Pawita Kasemsap, MD, FAAP

Prevention of ACEs: Andrew Hsi, MD, FAAP

QI: Alberta Kong, MD, FAAP





Updated 10/2020


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