Board & Leadership


Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP




Vice President/President Elect:

Alex Cvijanovich, MD, FAAP






Julia Hecht, MD, FAAP




Immediate Past-President:

Brian Etheridge, MD, FAAP






Melissa Sanchez, MD, FAAP



Anjali Vijaya Subbaswamy, MD, FAAP

Jennifer Lynne Anderson, MD, FAAP

Francine Nadeen Jacobs, MD, FAAP

John Alan Leak, PA-C

Craig Wong, MD

Danielle Mascarenas, MD

Ashley Davis, DO


Committee Chairs:

Breastfeeding Task Force: Emilie Sebesta, MD, FAAP

Child Care: Janis Gonzales, MD, MPH, FAAP

Disaster Preparedness: Robert Sapien, MD

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Julia Hecht, MD, FAAP

Education: Alex Cvijanovich, MD, FAAP

Emeritus/Retired Physicians: Larry Shandler, MD

Fetus and Newborns: Janell Fuller, MD, FAAP

Foster Care and IHS: John Ratmeyer, MD, FAAP

Immunization: Melissa Mason, MD, FAAP

Legislative Affairs: Larry Shandler, MD, FAAP, and Karen Armitage, MD, FAAP

Membership: Alex Cvijanovich, MD, FAAP

Nominating: Sara del Campo de Gonzales, MD

Patient Centered Medical Home: Pawita Kasemsap, MD, FAAP

Pediatric Council: Pawita Kasemsap, MD, FAAP

Prevention of ACEs: Andrew Hsi, MD, FAAP

QI: Alberta Kong, MD, FAAP

Telehealth Care: Sylvia Villarreal, MD, FAAP

CATCH Facilitators:Tom Faber, MD, FAAP, Carl Tapia, MD, FAAP



Phone: 505-550-4849



Updated 11/2019


8201 Golf Course NW #D3 Albuquerque, NM 87120

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