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E-cigarette use among youth has quickly become the new epidemic our nation is facing. The adolescent brain is uniquely sensitive to the addictive nature of nicotine, potentially setting our youth up for a lifetime of nicotine addiction. Further exacerbating the problem is the multitude of enticing e-cigarette flavors, combined with targeted advertising to youth. For these reasons, it is not surprising that 1 in 4 youth report using e-cigarettes in the last month. What is our role as pediatricians, parents, or teachers to help mitigate this epidemic and its potentially devastating consequences?











Resources for Practioners


General E-cigarette Information for Physicians


Handouts on General E-Cigarette Information for Physicians

Clinical Tools for Supporting Youth Tobacco Cessation


Advocacy/Policy Spotlight

FDA Fails to Take Comprehensive Action on E-Cigarettes


Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) failed to protect young people from e-cigarettes by not honoring a deadline to rule on or remove individual products from the marketplace. The inaction leaves highly popular products from the largest e-cigarette companies, like JUUL, which appeal to young people, on the market indefinitely. Here's AAP's statement.


A federal court compelled FDA to review e-cigarette applications and only allow products to remain on the market if they're determined to be in the interest of public health. The requirement came after years of inaction from FDA to regulate e-cigarettes as required by law.


FDA was required to complete this review process by yesterday. Despite this, the agency has yet to issue a final decision on JUUL and other large e-cigarette companies that have fueled the youth nicotine epidemic, and signaled that it will not take imminent action to remove them from the market in the meantime.   


The AAP and its partners are exploring all available legal options to compel FDA to follow the law and continue to urge the agency to reject applications for all flavored products like JUUL that have a proven track record of harming youth.

FDA appears to recognize flavors need to be removed, but delays decisions on companies with over 75% of e-cigarette market

Postponing decisions on those with the lion’s share of the market further empowers the big, rich, tobacco companies to continue to grow their business and profits on the backs of young people, putting millions at risk for a lifetime of nicotine addiction.


Download this graphic: Become a Quitter (jpeg)

Resources for Parents & Youth


General e-Cigarette Information for Patients/Parents


Handouts on E-cigarettes for Parents


Tobacco Cessation Resources for Parents/Youth

  • Become a Smokefree Teen (National Institutes of Health; tools and tips for youth; also available in Spanish)

  • This is Quitting (Truth Initiative; text message-based cessation support service for teens)

  • The Ex Program (Truth Initiative; tobacco cessation program for organizations)

Documentary and Education/Prevention Campaign

  • NM VAPE (Christopher Productions; a New Mexico-based campaign to help youth and parents address the dangers of e-cigarettes; includes a documentary as well as other tools created by youth for youth)

Video clip: "Flavor Dangers" (a segment from VAPE, a documentary by Emmy-award winning Christopher Productions. Go to https://nmvape.info/ for more information on this and other videos and the education/prevention campaign.)