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Pediatric Specialty Care Task Force


About the Task Force

On February 10, 2018, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed HM-14, a memorial requesting that the NM Pediatric Society convene a "Pediatric Specialty Care Task Force" to examine the availability of pediatric specialty services in the state and make recommendations for improving the system of medical care for children in New Mexico to ensure that care is integrated, equitable, efficient, cost-effective, and family-centered.


The memorial was sponsored by Rep. Deborah A. Armstrong and passed the house on a 66-0 vote. Memorials, which neither require passage by both chambers nor the signature of the governor, reflect the will of the legislative chamber.


  • Read the full text of the memorial here

  • Find out more about the memorial here

Locations for each meeting will be included in the calendar invites.

Recommendations to Improve Pediatric Specialty Care in New Mexico

​The Pediatric Specialty Care Task Force recommendations have been presented to the Legislative Health and Human Services Interim Committee. A total of ten recommendations are included in the 14-page report.

  • Download the recommendations here (14 pages; pdf)

Task Force Documents

New Mexico Medicaid Facts (Jan. 2017; pdf)

Hospital Bed Types, 2018 (Excel doc.)

Status Complexicus? The Emergence of Pediatric Complex Care (pdf)

Trends in Regionalization of Hospital Care for Common Pediatric Conditions (pdf)

NM Health Care Workforce Committee 2017 Annual Report (Oct. 2017; pdf)

Benefits of Pediatric v. Adult Subspecialty Care: Annotated Bibliography (May 2015; pdf)

NM Pediatric Specialty Task Force Document from AAP National (May 2018; Word doc)

"Hypothetical Network Adequacy Schemes For Children Fail To Ensure Patients’ Access To In-Network Children’s Hospital" Health Affairs article (June 2018; pdf)

Pediatric Workforce Trends, American Board of Pediatrics (spring 2018; pdf)

US Distribution of ABP Diplomates By State, American Board of Pediatrics (2017; link)

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